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Dow sponsors and hosts new Roundtable at IWCS 2021

On Tuesday, October 5, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. EDT, Dow will lead the following Roundtable discussion which will be moderated by IWCS Chair Dr. Scott Wasserman.


The plastics industry is working hard to become more sustainable. From packaging redesign to the incorporation of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, we’ve already seen great strides from both individual companies and broad industry-wide coalitions. Academia and forward-thinking businesses are even moving toward more advanced chemical recycling processes designed to reintegrate depolymerized raw materials even further back in the value chain.

As a major consumer of plastics, the telecom industry is now faced with a tremendous opportunity…and a comparable challenge. Global demand for enhanced connectivity – demonstrated by the ongoing expansion of 5G networks and data centers, as well as the advent of intelligent buildings – has placed us at a critical juncture. We must take a serious look at wire and cable materials, designs, assembly, installation and end-of-life options to help determine the best path forward to a stronger, more sustainable industry.
This roundtable discussion is intended to help begin that journey.

The session, hosted by Dow will feature key industry leaders highlighting three critical issues:

1. “Innovation for a more sustainable plastics industry”

Jennifer Ronk, Senior Marketing Manager, P&SP Sustainability NA — Dow, Inc.

2. “Cable designs for more sustainable intelligent buildings”

Brian K. Davis, RCDD, Director, Global Market Development | In-Building Networks — Corning Optical Communications LLC

3. “Ease of installation for enhanced connectivity with reduced environmental impact”

Vivian Petre, Global Product Line Manager, Fiber Drop Cable Assemblies — Commscope

Session Moderator

Scott Wasserman, PhD, Associate R&D Director/Intellectual Capital Mgr. – Dow, Inc.

Introductory remarks by our panelists will be followed by an open discussion with a question and answer session.
Please join us for this important event as we all work together to shape a better, more sustainable telecom industry.

To learn more about Dow’s “Materials” Session Sponsorship, click here.

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