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Dow is Named “Materials” Session Sponsor and Roundtable Host for IWCS 2021

The IWCS 2021 Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum will feature two Technical Sessions sponsored by Dow, a respected supplier of telecommunications insulation, jacketing and FOC component materials for over 40 years. Using their versatile lineup of AXELERON™ Telecom Cable Compounds and deep understanding of material science, Dow partners with others throughout the value chain to translate unmet end-user needs into innovative and high quality solutions that help support sustainability efforts. As the global demand for connectivity continues to grow and evolve, Dow is thrilled and appreciative to be part of this exciting industry.

Technical Symposium

Session 5: Materials & Process Technology

  • Wednesday, October 6: 9:00 AM–11:55 PM Eastern USA
  • Session Chairperson: Dr. Mohamed Esseghir; Dow, USA
  • Presenter of Technical Paper 5-1: Dr. Paul Brigandi; Dow, USA

Session 13: Flame Retardant Cable

  • Friday, October 8: 2:00 PM–3:25 PM Eastern USA

View the Event Program for Full Details

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Roundtable Discussion

Dow will also host a roundtable discussion where a panel of industry leaders will discuss how we can all work toward a stronger, more sustainable future. Click here to learn more.

Advancing Telecom Infrastructure: Material and Cable Innovation for a More Sustainable Future

  • Tuesday, October 5: 12:30 PM–1:30 PM Eastern USA

Dow Roundtable at IWCS 2021


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