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June 21, 2024
10:30 AM, Eastern USA

Cables for Fault-Managed Power Systems (What is Class 4?)

Join IWCS and Belden for a technical paper webinar featuring Ronald Tellas’s presentation of the technical paper titled, “Cables for Fault-Managed Power Systems (What is Class 4?).”

Cables for Fault-Managed Power Systems (What is Class 4?)
Class 4 Power webinar

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Abstract: Recently demand has grown for high fiber count optical cables in places like data centers. Cables utilizing flexible ribbon technology have also proven to be very good options for data center applications because of their lower outer diameters and compatibility with mass fusion splicing. Many customers deploy cables in the European countries, outside the US and Canada. This necessitates the use of high-density fiber optic cables that not only meet the building codes of the US and Canada but also fulfill the fire performance criteria necessary for indoor installation in European regions. The 3456F flexible ribbon indoor/outdoor cable presented in this paper features a high fiber density compact design combined with UL-1685/FT4 and UL-1666 as well as CPR flame ratings. These features make the cable extremely versatile. The cable is suitable for the indoor and outdoor applications in the U.S., Canada, and the European countries. Beyond its impressive flame rating, the cable also passed various mechanical and environmental testing, per GR-20 and ICEA-696 specifications, all yielding passing results which will be shared in this paper.

About the Presenter: Eric Anderson is a Product Development Engineer for one of Prysmian Group’s Telecom manufacturing plants in Lexington, SC. He has four years of experience in the Telecom Industry. Prior to joining the Product Development group, Eric was a Process Engineer for the Lexington Plant Loose Tube Buffering Department. Eric earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

This technical paper was originally presented at last year’s IWCS Forum. Plan to attend the 2024 IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum October 14–16 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Click here for details.

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