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UL Standard Revisions and Proposals, Tri-National Standard Harmonization and New Service Offerings

Speaker Bio: Anthony Tassone, Principal Engineer, Underwriters Laboratories, LLC (Melville, NY, USA)

Abstract: UL LLC is an independent, organization that has been evaluating products in the interest of public safety for over 100 years. UL staff is involved in many aspects of the wire and cable industry and have worked with code authorities, manufacturers and various technical committees to develop Standards for Safety for the wire and cable industry. This paper covers the following topics:

  1. New proposals to UL’s wire and cable standards
  2. Consejo de Armonizacion de Normas Electrotecnicas de Las Naciones de Las Americas (CANENA) harmonization activities, both binational with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and tri-nationanal with CSA and Asociación de Normalización y Certificación (ANCE).
  3. Updates to other standards UL uses as part of its certification services
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