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Halogen-Free Compound Solutions to Address Thermal Stress Cracking in Extreme Conditions

Speaker Bio: Tanya Artingstall, Senior Technologist, Mexichem Specialty Compounds (Melton Mowbray, UK)

Abstract: Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) compounds are used in many cable jacket applications. The majority of LSHF compounds are semi crystalline polymer systems that are highly filled with metal hydrate flame retardants. Due to the crystalline nature of these compounds, they are more susceptible to cracking in storage or in the field. Mexichem Specialty Compounds has established a systematic analysis to determine if the cracking failure is due to compound performance/capability or if the cracking could be avoided through improved processing techniques. Besides analyzing and helping to pinpoint necessary processing techniques for these polymer types, Mexichem Specialty Compounds designs Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) materials that are more resistant to thermal stress cracking. These compounds are formulated to be more robust, making them a higher-performance solution for specialty cables used in harsh environmental conditions. This paper will review Mexichem Specialty Compound’s process for analyzing frozen-in stress via DSC analysis and presenting solutions both through processing techniques and with higher-performance materials.

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