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High-density optical cable with ultra-low-loss, large effective area ITU-T G.654.E Optical fiber

Speaker Bio: Jairo Stoco, Applications Engineer, EMEA - Optical Fiber, Corning Optical Communications

Abstract: This technical paper presents a new terrestrial optical fiber cable using the ITU-T G.654.E Corning TXF® fiber and describes its technical characteristics and applications. The cable features a very compact design, containing ultra-low attenuation G.654.E fiber (typically 0.166 dB/km at 1550 nm) and large effective area (typically 125 μm2 at 1550 nm), allowing 50% more light to be pumped into the fiber when compared with a ITU-T G.652.D single-mode fiber. The fiber’s large effective area helps mitigate undesirable non-linear effects like Cross Phase Modulation, Self-Phase Modulation or Four-Wave Mixing, therefore maintaining a higher SNR for data rates up to 800G, enabling longer transmission distances and higher capacity networks. The high-density cable designed by Ecotel features 96 fibers on a reduced cable diameter and weight compared to existing G.654 cable design, addressing customer needs for use in pre-existing micro-ducts, with limited right of way and space constraints. The high density of the cable required the use of colored and ring-marked fibers inside loose tubes for identification.

About the Presenter: Jairo Stoco joined Corning in 2018, and since then is responsible for technical support for optical fiber customers and end-users within the EMEA region. Stoco is graduated with a bachelor of Radio and Television from the Methodist University and also Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering at the Salesian University, both in Brazil. Currently Stoco is a Global MBA candidate at the Manchester University. Over the years Stoco focused his career on many areas of Telecommunications, working with RFID, Unified Communications and Optical Fibers.

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