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2022 IWCS Keynote Verizon

Andrea Carlini PhotoAndrea Caldini holds a technical responsibility for planning, engineering, performance and life cycle management of Verizon’s Global Business product portfolio. Prior to her current role, Caldini served in various field territory roles including Vice President of Field Network GLS, East and South for Verizon Wireless; responsible for the network build and performance of Verizon Wireless industry-leading voice and data networks, including its growing 4G LTE network, 5G UWB and Nationwide network and fiber network.

The rate of change for telecommunications is accelerating. We will see more opportunity, disruption, innovation, and invention in the next decade than we have seen in the past three. All this will depend on next gen connectivity. Telecom networks will give way to 5G enabled, intelligent edge-empowered platforms that resemble Computational Solution Utilities more than the networks of today.

We are building this, inventing this at Verizon today. We work to build tomorrow’s best network, 5G, the next generation of wireless technology. Verizon is taking a strong leadership role in 5G for our customers, building on the foundation of being the first to deploy 3G and 4G LTE Networks nationally. 

This will simply change the way we work, live and play. Many verticals will be disrupted. Interestingly, a primary design driver will be ‘Submergence’, where the technology that is progressively more pervasive is pushed below the water line so that the service, the product, the solution, and the experience are what comes into focus, not the ingenious underlying technology.

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