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Siccet is a family run business in Northern Italy that produces special cables. It was founded in 1977 by Mr Italo Dall’Armellina and over the years thanks to continuous innovation in production processes and investing in research into new materials, it has become established and grown as a reliable, flexible, dynamic and always customer oriented company, providing the most suitable and best service solution.

(Mr.) Italo and his sons Walter and Ivan have been able to give the company a more international profile so as to now have 70% of sales abroad and a continuous expansion.

Focus has always been on the high-quality production of thermocouple cables, compensating/extension cables and RTD cables. The experience gained in such critical fields of application, allowed Siccet to expand its production of special cables over time into other areas where critical environments require high performance (e.g. the energy sector and Oil & Gas).

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