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Topical Panel Discussions were recently introduced into the IWCS Forum and attendees reported great value from them, along with a desire continue them in future years. So, the 2024 IWCS Forum will feature multiple Panel Discussions presented by influential industry leaders. The panel discussions will include a question-and-answer period that allows the audience to engage with the panelists. Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2024 panel discussions.

2023 Emerging Technology Panel Discussion

“Fault-Managed Power: A Safe and Disruptive Innovation for Powering the Future”

Sponsored by: UL Solutions

This panel discussion will describe a new and innovative way to deliver efficient power through a new Class of cable recently added to the 2023 National Electrical Code®. Perspectives on the applications as well as the various new technical standards and safety listing requirements for the new Class 4 fault-managed power (FMP) systems and cables will be discussed by a panel of topic experts. This discussion will describe how fault-managed equipment is a safe way to deliver hundreds or even thousands of watts of power over longer distances. It will also provide insight into its benefits, potential uses, market implications, barriers to adoption, and opportunities for ICT designers, installers, and integrators.

2023 Industry Sustainability Panel Discussions

Environmental Sustainability and Recycling for the Cable & Connectivity Industry

Sponsored by: Chemours

The cable and connectivity industry is mission critical to achieve our global sustainability objectives. The cables, connectors and infrastructure technology to support the convergence of data and power delivery for SMART buildings and communities will enable our sustainable future. In this Session, you will hear from renowned leaders on these initiatives and how new designs, along with the reintroduction of recycled materials in cable & connectivity products can contribute to the important balance of safety, performance and sustainability. The selection of materials, new product designs and the system network infrastructure our products provide will help us meet this critical solutions footprint.

“Renewable/ Offshore Energy”

Sponsored by: Prysmian Powerlink

The renewable energy market is experiencing unprecedented growth globally, particularly in US where robust state-level procurement targets, national targets and technological advancements have inaugurated the era of offshore wind. This push for clean energy has spotlighted demand for improved system performance, the development of sustainable and circular cable materials, new installation methods, long-term protection systems, and efficient system design are all part of enabling the energy transition. With the great growth potential in the market, challenges still exist in development of standards, regulatory challenges, and establishment of domestic cable production for all renewable markets. This Panel Session will focus on current cable transmission system developments which are facilitating the transition to green energy. The Panelists will provide an overview of the current market, various projects, an update on the progress of standards, and key challenges in offshore wind farm applications. It will also cover the cable systems involved in bringing this energy to communities.


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