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Ultra-High Fiber Count Cable Designs with Structurally and Environmentally Robust Flexible Ribbons

Speaker Bio: Ehsan Fallahmohammadi, Innovation Lead, Prysmian Group (South Carolina, USA)

Abstract: A new, robust flexible ribbon structure which allows very high fiber density cables combined with the capability for mass fusion splicing is presented. This ribbon structure is evaluated for robustness, splice compatibility, and attenuation performance during long term aging and environmental exposure.

This paper describes a new design for an Ultra-High-Density optical fiber cable with a flexible ribbon. The new cable has a structure like conventional RILT (ribbon in loose tube) optical cable and contains a newly developed Ribbon. Unlike the conventional ribbon that generally maintains its shape with fibers lying on a straight plane, this new ribbon freely changes its shape, providing the highest fiber density with reduced attenuation and residual strain in the cable. Furthermore, the cable tested met the applicable requirements for GR-20-CORE. and can be easily mass fusion spliced using standard mass fusion splicer technologies.

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