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Optical Arrangement and Power Consumption for UV LED System Designs in Standard Draw Tower Configuration

Speaker Bio: Ruben Manikkam, Product Manager, Heraeus Noblelight

Abstract: UV lamps are an essential part of the fiber drawing process, enabling manufacturers to achieve rapid curing of high strength cladding materials at high draw speeds. In addition to achieving high draw speeds, the industry has developed significant focus on lowering operating costs and maximizing draw tower efficiencies in production of telecom fiber. In recent years, UVLED systems have proven viable alternatives for traditional broadband UV sources due to their low power consumption and simplicity. However, UVLED lamps have varying optical arrangements that can in turn achieve different cure performances at different levels of power consumption.

A comparison of these optical arrangements will be presented through irradiance measurement plots showing varying degrees of intensity and uniformity at the curing target. Finally, data will be presented to show low power consumption of a high performance UVLED lamp system with an efficient optical arrangement. The presented results will also include curing performance of a wet on wet optimized LED formulation produced from this optical arrangement.

Presented By: Ruben Manikkam, Product Manager, Heraeus Noblelight America (Maryland, USA)

Questions and Answers By: Curt Harper, Heraeus Noblelight America (Maryland, USA)

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