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Low Smoke Zero Halogen Compound Considerations for Copper and Fiber Optic Communication Cables

Speaker Bio: Ethan Bremer, Developmental Chemist, SACO AEI Polymers (Wisconsin, USA)

Abstract: The Construction Products Regulations (CPR [EU] 305/2011) drives harmonization of construction products for the European Union and has an important impact on wire and cable designs and testing. Cables for CPR are tested under a full scale fire test EN50575 to determine fire spread and heat release.

In this paper, characterization techniques (both standard and modified) will be utilized to determine the flame retardancy of LSZH compounds for their use as jackets to inform wire and cable manufacturers on their potential to meet CPR class B2ca and UL-1666/1685 flame testing. These materials will then go through large scale fire testing and determine how well these tests can predict performance. Rheological properties of each material will also be investigated. Shear stress and shear rate will be compared with each material approaching the shear range of most common jacketing operations.

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