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Increasing Duplex Connector Density While Maintaining User Accessibility

Speaker Bio: Jeff Hendrick, Product Manager, US Conec (North Carolina, USA)

Abstract: As data consumption continues to increase, so does the relative bandwidth of data centers, central offices and head-ends. Reducing the overall optical hardware footprint in these highly controlled environments reduces real estate capital expenses, maintenance and speeds up installation. One method to achieve a reduced hardware footprint is by increasing connector density at the panel and transceiver by reducing the size of the connector and adapter. Until now, the smallest standardized single fiber connector is the LC connector, with a typical 1 rack unit capacity of 144 fibers. The LC connectors are commonly installed in pairs, called duplex LC, for transmit and receive communications.

A new Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connector, the MDC connector, was developed in an effort to achieve an appropriate balance of usability with minimal size while continuing to meet the carrier grade performance requirements of Telcordia GR-326.

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