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High Performance Polymers in Wire & Cable

Speaker Bio: James Henry, Principal Research Engineer, Arkema (King of Prussia, PA, USA)

Abstract: High performance polymers have been used in the Wire & Cable Industry for many years and include materials such as long chain polyamides, thermoplastic elastomers, fluoropolymers and polymer alloys. These polymers are used in demanding applications where traditional materials such as PVC, PP and PE provide insufficient performance characteristics. Properties of these polymers allow for their use in difficult or extreme environments including temperature extremes, direct chemical exposure, oxidative environments, UV and radiation exposure as well as physical demands imposed by dynamic stresses and damaging physical abuse. In this presentation, the unique aspects and properties of some high performance polymers are explored. The most common uses for high performance polymers such as PA11, PA12, PVDF, unique alloys and LSHF materials are described.

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