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Evaluation of Fiber Optic Ripcord Designs and Use Procedures

Speaker Bio: Wayne Kachmar, President, Technical Horsepower Consulting, llc. (Vermont, USA)

Abstract: The use of ripcords in cable designs predates fiber optic cables by many years. In most applications, the installation and use of ripcords is optional and easily understood. However, the rapid and continuing proliferation of cable designs has led to challenges in the design and use of ripcords for longer-length jacket removals.

This paper attempts to look at the array of existing ripcords embodied in cables today, evaluate their effectiveness, and determine if existing tests and test procedures are an accurate reflection of reliable ripcord performance. In addition, the rapid expansion of new cable designs and materials may make the existing methods of incorporating ripcords into cable designs obsolete. A realistic look at the integration of the ripcord material, design, and cable design is explored. Also since most ripcord procedures are generic in nature, this paper proposes that specific categories of ripcord be defined as well as specific procedures.

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