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ECCtreme™ ECA: A New Class of Perfluoroplastics Resins

Speaker Bio: Katelyn Walck, North American Market Development Leader, The Chemours Company (Delaware, USA)

Abstract: A new class of high-temperature, melt processable perfluoropolymers (HTPs) have been developed to combine the beneficial properties of typical perfluoroplastics with the capability to maintain operational performance under extreme temperatures (up to 300°C) and conditions. Epitaxial Co-Crystalline Alloy (ECA) fluoroplastic resin addresses the demand for HTPs in sustainable energy production, expanding the traditional design boundaries in harsh environments for wire and cable, molded parts, and extruded tubing once thought to be unattainable with traditional perfluoroplastics. This presentation will describe the performance properties of ECA and a variety of new applications across a wide range of rheological requirements.

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