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Review of Connector End Face Scratch Recognition and Verification Study for Automated Microscopes

Speaker Bio: Michael Gurreri, Distinguished Engineer, Network Connectivity, CommScope

Abstract: In this paper, we describe the methodology and results of a connector end face scratch recognition round robin study for automated microscope systems. Fabrication of the samples and the experimental procedure are outlined, along with highlights of the results.

About the Presenter: Michael Gurreri received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997 and his M.S. in Engineering Science in 2005 from Pennsylvania State University. He joined CommScope (via divestiture from TE Connectivity and prior AMP) in 1998 as a Product Development Engineer in the Fiber Optics Business Unit, taking on various management and technology development roles throughout his career. Mike is currently a Distinguished Engineer in the Network Connectivity segment of CommScope and is a US delegate to IEC SC 86B, where he received the 1906 award for contributions to multifiber optical interfaces. He holds over 50 US patents in the field of fiber optics and was named a CommScope Master Inventor in 2020.

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