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Bandwidth Considerations for Wavelength Division Multiplexing using Multimode Fiber

Speaker Bio: Dr. Earl Parsons, Principal Optical Engineer, CommScope (Texas, USA)

Abstract: We investigate the relationship between fiber differential mode delay (DMD) tilt, fiber bandwidth, and bit error ratio (BER) performance for different wavelength channels over multimode fiber. Fibers which are compliant to the OM5 standard as well as fibers compliant only to OM4 that have a pre-selected “left tilt” at 850 nm are tested. While fiber tilt can be used to predict the wavelength with maximum bandwidth when the tilt is continuous, it is an unreliable parameter when used with fibers with an erratic tilt. We demonstrate that fiber tilt at 850 nm is inaccurate at predicting the performance of longer wavelength channels, but fiber bandwidth at 953 nm can accurately predict the performance of 910 and 940 nm channels.

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