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Optical Transceivers and Structured Cabling with Expanded Beam Connectors as an Alternative to Active Optical Cables

Speaker Bio: Earl Parsons, Director, CommScope

Abstract: This technical paper reviews insertion loss and return loss results of expanded beam connectors as well as transmission testing of expanded beam connectors terminating multimode fiber cable. Experimental results of commercially available AOCs that have been cut and terminated with expanded beam connectors will also be presented. These terminated AOCs will be tested with several OM4 fiber cables to determine the margin with and without expanded beam connectors.

About the Presenter: Dr. Earl Parsons is the Director of Data Center Architecture Evolution at CommScope. He joined CommScope in 2014 as a Principal Optical Engineer. Prior to joining CommScope Earl received an MS and Ph.D. in optical sciences from the University of Arizona and was a Senior Member of Technical Staff at TE SubCom, formerly known as Tyco Telecommunications. Dr. Parsons also served as an editor of the IEEE 802.3db-2022 standard. His interests include multimode and single mode fiber optic systems to enable artificial intelligence data centers.

This technical paper was originally presented at the 2023 IWCS Forum. Plan to attend the 73rd annual IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum, taking place October 14–17, 2024 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Click here for event details.

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