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Materials Considerations for Laser Printed Jacket Solutions

Speaker Bio: Chase Erford, Product Specialist, Telecom Ops, Prysmian Group

Abstract: Laser marking of materials is already a widely adopted global technology. Application of laser marking for outside plant cable jackets provides some added and unique challenges for this technology requiring proper engineering of both jacket materials as well as laser printing technology. The typical carbon black UV stabilization package contained in polyethylene jackets for telecom cables can create difficulties in achieving good laser print quality, and a reduction of carbon black in cable jackets requires specially formulated, alternative UV stabilization packages. As the carbon black UV stabilization is a proven solution with decades of proven service life, alternative solutions must be well tested. Material and process solutions for laser marking of jackets are evaluated with results presented on long term reliability of materials, print quality, print durability, and overall impact on product capabilities.

About the Presenter: Chase Erford holds a B.S. degree in Engineering with a Mechanical concentration from Campbell University. He joined Prysmian Group in 2022 as an engineer in a functional rotation program. He spent time in fiber optic cable R&D, Process Engineering, and now is a Product Specialist for telecom cables in Claremont, North Carolina.

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