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Predictive Modeling of Large-Scale Flame Tests on Cables Using Cone Calorimeter

Speaker Bio: Dr. Jiyuan Kang, Senior Staff Engineer, Engineered Materials, UL Solutions

Abstract: Cables in buildings are commonly installed through open or concealed vertical and horizontal passages, which can facilitate flame and/or smoke movement in the event of fire. To establish the fire safety of wire and cable products, UL Solutions conducts large-scale flame tests in accordance with safety standards, including NFPA 262 (plenum), UL 1666 (riser), and EN 50399. These tests require the use of large fire flame test chambers (with precise environment control) and a great deal of cable length (hundreds or even thousands of feet, depending on cable size). To supplement the large-scale fire tests and to address the above challenges, UL Solutions has developed predictive models that estimate the large-scale test performance of cables based on small-scale fire tests conducted using A cone calorimeter.

About the Presenter: Dr. Jiyuan Kang is a fire scientist working in the field of fire protection for wire and cable products. He earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, with his research interests focused on combustion and fire science. He is a senior staff engineer in the Engineered Materials Operating Unit at UL Solutions. He has published articles in Fire Technology and Journal of Fire Science. He is based out of the UL Solutions headquarters in Northbrook, IL, USA.

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