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Innovative Material Compounds: The Key to Next-Generation Industrial Automation

Speaker Bio: Jon Mello, Global Marketing Manager, Wire & Cable Compounds, Teknor Apex

Industrial automation is constantly evolving, and innovative material compounds for cables play a key role in this evolution. These compounds require greater operating properties than before including improved processability, improved durability, flammability up to FT4, low temperature properties (cold impact to -40 °C and cold bend to -60 °C.

In this webinar, Jon Mello, Global Marketing Manager for Wire & Cable Compounds at Teknor Apex will discuss learnings from the pandemic and the shift to industrial automation. He will also share the latest trends and innovations that meet these requirements and how they are being used to drive the next generation of industrial automation for businesses of all sizes.

About the presenter: Jon Mello is the Global Marketing Manager for the Wire & Cable Compounds at Teknor Apex. He has 20+ years of experience in the market in sales, management, product development and business development. Jon is an active participant in wire and cable industry organizations and is a current member of Wire Association International and a Board Member of the New England Chapter of the Wire Association International.

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