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High Speed Linear Interface Multimode Transmission

Speaker Bio: Dr. Yi Sun, Senior R&D Engineer and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, OFS Fitel, LLC

Abstract: In this technical paper, Yi Sun and her colleagues demonstrate that the linear interface PAM4 works with LOMMF (OM3 & OM4) and MM-MCF at 53Gbps and 106Gbps equivalent in distance suitable for short reach optical interconnect applications. Multimode Fiber (MMF) – Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) has been the dominant short-reach optical interconnect solution for intra-datacenter Ethernet, High Performance Computing (HPC), and Fibre Channel (FC) applications. The physical mediums adopted in IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and INCIST T11 FC standards and widely deployed in the field are laser-optimized multimode fibers (LOMMF) including ISO/IEC and ANSI/TIA fiber cabling standards and IEC and TIA fiber component standards specified OM3, OM4, and OM5. Join IWCS and OFS for this Technical Paper Webinar to learn about this important multimode fiber research. 

About the Presenter: Yi Sun has a BS/MS in Astronomy from Peking University, a MS in EE and a Ph. D. in Physics from Northwestern University. Dr. Yi Sun joined Bell Laboratories in 2001 and currently is a Senior R&D Engineer and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in OFS Fitel, LLC in USA. Dr. Sun’s research work covers various novel optical fibers and their applications in Datacom and SDM. Dr. Sun is the holder of 12 patents and has authored more than 100 publications. Dr. Sun receives several outstanding contribution awards by OFS and the 2011 Spirit Endeavor Award by TAG. Dr. Yi Sun is a senior member of IEEE.

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