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PEKK – A High Performance Thermoplastic for Wire Insulation

Speaker Bio: Zak Eckel, Senior Business Development Engineer, Arkema Inc.

Abstract: Poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK) has been found to exhibit a very low dielectric constant and high breakdown voltages – even at elevated temperatures – with significant advantages vs other polyaryletherketones (PAEKs). PEKK and related alloys were easily processed onto copper wires with the polarity of PEKK allowing for strong adhesion to the metallic wire without the use of a primer. By using PEKK grades with varying co-monomer ratios, a self-bonding technology has been developed – allowing for potential elimination of potting compounds in wire bundles. Based on its performance in extreme environments, its excellent electrical properties, ease of processing and high levels of adhesion, PEKK is well positioned to be an important player in future needs for electrical insulation – with potential not only in wire coating (for demanding environments such as EV) but extending to important areas such as electrical connectors and busbar coatings.

About the Presenter: Zak Eckel, Senior Business Development Engineer, Arkema, Inc.


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