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Innovative High Fiber Density Low Fiber Count Cables with Two Piece Armor

Speaker Bio: Taylor Towery, Cable Technology Mechanical Design Engineer, Corning Optical Communications

Abstract: A two-piece armor design has been developed to enable a rugged, installation-friendly cable compatible with today’s high-density outside plant optical fiber cable products. Armored cable continues to be utilized as the main solution to prevent cable damage during and after installation, especially in aerial applications and when directly buried where protective outer ducts cannot be used. With today’s installation environment demanding higher fiber density, this novel armored cable design minimizes total cable wall thickness with a steel tape / jacket lamination that protects the fiber optic structures inside the core.

A newly developed armored cable design introduces the concept of the two-piece steel tape bonded to the outer cable jacket. The laminated structure of the jacket and armor acts as a protective unit over the cable core when loads are applied or when extreme installation events occur. This laminated jacket and armor also enables faster, easier access procedures. With the addition of tear-facilitating coextruded features in the outer polyethylene jacket, sharp tools and ripcords are no longer required. In addition, the access time for the two-piece armor is up to 60% faster than legacy armor designs. This paper will demonstrate cable performance beyond industry standards and cover the key design considerations.

About the Presenter: Taylor Towery is a Mechanical Design Engineer in Cable Technology at Corning Optical Communications. He graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Manufacturing in 2016. He has worked for Corning for three years as a project-based engineer in global cable product development.

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