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As a leading supplier of solutions to the wire and cable industry, Arkema’s High Performance Polymers are commonly used for applications where extreme protection and reliability are required.  A wide range of materials are available including Kynar® PVDF, Rilsan® polyamides, Pebax® elastomers, Orgalloy® alloys and Kepstan® PEKK thermoplastics.  Key characteristics of these outstanding polymers include high temperature resistance, low flame and smoke properties, chemical resistance, low temperature flexibility, low shrinkback and ease of processing.

Arkema’s long chain polyamides and alloys are excellent for power cables and include Rilsan® HT polymers for high temperature applications and Rilsan® Clear polymers for applications that demand optical clarity.  Arkema is a leader in bio-based, sustainable materials for wire and cable applications including halogen-free flame retardant materials.

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