IWCS Mission Statement

IWCS organizes the International Cable & Connectivity Symposium as the premier technology forum for the exchange of information about product, material and process innovation for cabling and connectivity solutions and for the development of industry professionals through education and scholarships.

Enhanced Connectivity Objective for IWCS

The International Cable & Connectivity Symposium will strengthen its connectivity content and industry presence, providing interaction with technical and supply chain professionals on the connectorization of cabling infrastructure. We will provide the forum to present new content and to promote discussion of ideas and innovations to advance connectivity solutions.

About Us

The IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium is the premier venue for new technologies in wire, cable and connectivity products, processes and applications. The IWCS Symposium Committee generates an extremely high caliber program for each year’s conference, with over 100 papers and presentations in 20 compelling sessions over three full days.

In addition, a variety of strong Professional Development Courses provide great learning opportunities from renowned industry experts. The Executive Track features speakers and topics of interest to general and commercial management, with a focus on supply chain issues. The Supplier Exhibition introduces the latest products and services from the important suppliers to our industry. The annual Plenary luncheon features a Keynote Speaker providing insight on a topical issue. The Plenary is also a time to honor the best paper and the best presentation from the previous year, as well as recognition to university students who have received various scholarships with the ambition to join our industry in the near future.

In summary, the International Cable & Connectivity Symposium is an opportunity to explore discussions on topical issues, learn about new technologies and network with global industry colleagues.


In the Beginning

The IWCS was started in 1952 by key government and industry representatives devoted to the development of improved wires and cables for military applications. The first Symposium was held in Asbury Park, NJ and was called "Symposium on Technical Progress and Communication Wire and Cables".

As it grew, it attracted international attention and by 1967, the meeting drew over 100 representatives from various foreign countries. As a result of the increase in foreign participation, the name of the Symposium was changed to the "International Wire and Cable Symposium".

IWCS Incorporates

The IWCS was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on January 7, 1987. Its purpose was to plan, promote, initiate and coordinate the exchange of technical information on wire, cable and fiber optics within industry and government, through an annual IWCS Symposium.

An office staff, headed by a President/Director handled the day-to-day operations. A Board of Trustees ran the business and affairs of the corporation. Trustees were individuals active in the cable industry and other related categories and served for a predetermined period of time.

Major Reorganization

After years of operating as a single governing committee, the IWCS decided in the year 2000 to effect a reorganization to improve the efficiency of operation and long term planning. The new organization has two parts, a Board of Directors and a Symposium Committee.

The Board of Directors has oversight responsibilities, focusing on mission setting, long term planning, strategy development, budget approval, compensation and senior management objectives.

The Symposium Committee has primary responsibility for organizing the symposium. This includes review of abstracts, selection of papers, establishing technical sessions, organizing invited guest speakers and special sessions, and monitoring all aspects of the symposium.

Wire & Cable Focus Acquisition

On September 19, 2000, the Board of Directors of the IWCS announced that it had completed acquisition of the Wire & Cable Focus Conference. This action was part of a continuing effort to provide the industry with the most important technical symposium devoted to wire and cable technology.

Today & the Future

The IWCS attendance continues to grow in numbers and global reach while maintaining focus on the evolving technology in the wire and cable industry.

In Memorium

Elmer "Ace" Godwin

Elmer 'Ace' GodwinAfter a heroic military career which resulted in several medals of honor, Godwin became CEO and Director of the International Wire and Cable Symposium (IWCS). This group brought together government and industry representatives from around the world to develop wires and cables in military applications.

Discover more about Godwin's contributions to our nation's military, the wire and cable industry, and learn about the scholarship IWCS has endowed in his honor.

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Irving Kolodny

irv_memoriumIrving ‘Irv’ Kolodny passed away on March 10, 2018. Irv was one of the longest serving members of the IWCS. While being involved in the IWCS since its’ inception, he served on the IWCS Committee from 1967-2002. Through his engineering relationships with Bell Laboratories, GTE, IEEE and the REA he contributed greatly to the scope of the IWCS. Subsequently, Irv’s contribution extended internationally. It can safely be stated that the current status of the IWCS owes a great deal to the efforts of Irv Kolodny.

Irv worked for General Cable Corp. straight out of college and served and a number of positions, including Director of Application Engineering, Director of Engineering and General Manager of a newly formed Fiber Optics Division. He retired after 40 years with General Cable. If there were a General Cable Hall of Fame, Irv would be at the top of the list.